The minor consists of six courses for a total of 25 credits, per the below.

  • One Data Skills course
  • One Data Studies course
  • One quarter of CSE 491
  • Additional electives to reach 25 credits
  • A minimum of 15 credits at the 300-400 level
  • A minimum of 15 credits must be taken outside of the student’s major requirements
  • No more than 10 credits can be taken in any one discipline

Planning Worksheet

Data Skills Coursework

Students will acquire basic knowledge of data science methods such as programming, data acquisition and management practices, software tools common to data science, statistics, machine learning, data visualization, and qualitative analysis. Students will be able to choose the methods they study and the depth of their study.

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Data Studies Coursework

Students will acquire foundational data literacies, understand the opportunities and limitations of data-intensive methods and epistemologies, and explore the broader implications of data science. Courses will lay the conceptual and theoretical foundations for understanding the role of data in knowledge production (either within specific domains or more generally), and promote critical reflection on the ethical, social, cultural, and political dimensions of data.

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Cross-Cutting: On Ramp Courses

These are courses that are designed to be taken at the beginning of the program, that convey the potential of this new field in various domains and have no prereqs.

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Cross-Cutting: Synthesis Courses

Designed to be taken towards the end of the program where students use theories, questions, and data that are relevant to the domain alongside data science knowledge and skills, often in the context of a project-based learning environment.

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CSE 491: Integrative Experience in Data Science
  • Taught yearly in Spring Quarter.
  • No prerequisites.
  • Direct questions about CSE 491 to Data Science Advising at data minor@uw.edu. Do not contact Computer Science Advising. 

Course Petitions

Course substitutions are allowed, but must be approved by the curriculum committee. Students must petition a substitution with the Data Science adviser (via form below) who will relay the petition to the committee. The curriculum committee meets once a month to review petitions. Petitions are due by the 25th day of each month. Petitions submitted after the 25th will be reviewed with the following month's requests.

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Graduation Petitions


Graduation certification

A student who declares the Data Science minor must submit a graduation application, specific to the Data Science minor. This application must be submitted after a student applies to graduate with their major department, and no later than the second week of the quarter in which they intend to graduate. This graduation application is completed through the Data Science minor adviser. Minor Graduation Applications will be processed in the first few weeks of the quarter in which you have applied to graduate, regardless of the quarter of submission. If the graduation application is not submitted, the Graduation and Academic Records Office may contact the student to ask if they wish to pursue the minor or drop it.

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Data Science Minor

Leverage familiarity with data science in fields outside of data science, and gain skills and fluency to work with data in your major domain of study.

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