How do I register for CSE 491? 

CSE 491 will be offered each spring quarter. Priority will be given to graduating students. A Google Form will be available in March to request a seat in the course. 

Why are some courses not showing up on my degree audit?

This may be because the course is not coded into the degree audit. Please let us know if a course that should count towards the minor is not appearing on your degree audit. 

Why are some courses showing up on the degree audit as not counting towards the minor? 

Most of the time this occurs when you have taken more than 10 credits of lower divison coursework. A maximum of 10 credits of 100-200 level coursework can count towards the minor, so any courses completed above the 10 credit max will show up on the audit as not counting towards the minor. We also see this when you've taken more than 4 class from the data skills category. Please contact for questions about these policies. 

Who can declare the minor? 

Everyone! All undergraduate students at UW Seattle, Tacoma, and Bothell are eligible to decalre the minor. The currriculum has been designed specifically to support arts, humanities, and social scieince students in exploring data science but all majors and disciplines are welcome. For Tacoma and Bothell students, please make an advising appointment with one of our advisers to disucss coursework to complete the minor.

How do I declare the minor?

Anyone who has completed at least 45 credits and has a declared major is eligible to declare the minor. To declare, please reach out to your major departmental adviser. 

What are good courses to start with if I’m not sure that the minor is the right fit for me?

SOC 225, CSE 180 and CSE 160 are good introductory exploratory courses into data science.

How do I know when courses will be offered? 

It is hard to predict what courses will be offered each quarter. We will update the curriculum page soon after the time schedule is released for the upcoming quarter. For upcoming offerings for specific courses, it is best to reach out to the specific departmental adviser. We also have a historical record of when courses have been offered previously, available here.

Data Science Minor

Leverage familiarity with data science in fields outside of data science, and gain skills and fluency to work with data in your major domain of study.

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